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8-Ball / 9-Ball Puzzles - Bonus Puzzles

376 pages - Full Color - Spiral Bound - 8-Ball / 9-Ball Puzzles - Bonus Puzzles

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This beautiful, full-color book contains over 200 8-Ball and 9-Ball Puzzles! Bonus puzzles include Last Pocket 8-Ball and 9-Ball defensive patterns. 

Each pattern has been carefully reproduced on a pool table with stickers marking the location of every object ball. The pattern was then analyzed and the best pattern for a runout was determined.


The ideal pattern was chosen based on how the balls connected 

with each other as the cue ball flowed from one shot to another - and the number of shots requiring precise speed control was minimal.


Finding the best pattern for a runout is one of the skills that separates the top players from everyone else - they are able to find the best pattern for a runout which gives them the best chance of running out. They know how to use the angles and rails to move the cue ball around the table. 

Along with improving your pattern play you're also going to learn new ways of playing position that you may not have thought of before. This book is filled with hundreds of shots along with the spin needed to execute each shot - a skill meter is included with each puzzle indicating its difficulty. Also, a full explanation of the runout is included with each runout solution.  This book is jam-packed with pattern puzzles ranging from easy to extremely difficult.

Pattern Puzzle with Skill Meter

Pattern Solution

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