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"If you're looking to learn pool these are the videos to purchase!" ~ Mike Massey - 18 time world trick shot champion



50 shots every pool player needs to know


The Game of Defense - SVB vs. Django

Pool Instruction - PKF Book, pool lessons
Pool Instruction - 50 Shots, pool lessons


Over 200 8-Ball and 9-Ball patterns.

Pool Lessons - Pattern Puzzles

"When you get in a jam, and we all do, there is a good chance that one of Mike's 50 Shots will enable you to continue your run. Highly recommended." ~ Phil Capelle - Pool Author

"Best Videos I've Seen! ​​​I know one thing is for sure these instructional videos are the best I have ever seen by a long shot." ~ Kevin P.

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It's finally here! Weighing in at two pounds, this beautiful full-color book covers all aspects of pool! Topics covered are fundamentals, the mental game, position play, diamond systems, 8-Ball strategies, 9-Ball strategies, plus much, much more!  This outstanding book covers the fundamentals of pattern play all the way to advanced pattern play for 8-Ball and 9-Ball. Using hundreds of full-color images, learning how to control the cue ball has never been easier! 


Also available as an e-book

"If reaching that higher level is what you want to accomplish... you’d be hard pressed to find a better resource than “P.K.F".

~ AZBilliards Book Review - Skip Maloney

Pool Instruction - PKF Book, pool lessons
Pool Instruction - Pattern Play DVD, pool lessons


This five-hour pool instruction video uses hundreds of examples to explain cue ball control along with 8-Ball and 9-Ball pattern play. This video is also jam-packed with specialty shots designed to get you out of trouble!


Secrets 3: Pattern Play covers the same training that participants in the 14 Day Experiment go through. Everything from stance and stroke drills to center ball positioning, and full table runouts with sidespin are covered. All the information you need to reach that next level in pool!  


Available as DVDs or digital downloads. 

"I watched the full video and it is awesome! I want to add this video to the Lindenwood's billiards video collection so that all of my teammates could see it!

~ K. Prm


Zero-X Kicking takes the mystery out of using the diamonds for kicking. Using simple, easy to follow examples, along with graphics, learning how to use the diamonds has never been easier!  Also included in this pool instruction is Zero-X Banking and Pool's Biggest Secrets Revealed 2 - a three hour pool instruction video full of 8-Ball and 9-Ball tips.


Available as DVDs or digital downloads.

"This is absolutely the BEST instructional video presentation I have ever seen - and I have seen a lot of them. Your straight forward way of totally explaining the Diamond System is nothing short of amazing."

~ George S.

Pool Instruction - Diamond System DVD, pool lessons

“Thank you so much sir, I have never feel this good about improving my game until now. I have never seen anything like these videos."

~ Wayne H

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