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"If you're looking to learn pool these are the videos to purchase!" ~ Mike Massey - 18 time world trick shot champion

Holiday Specials!

Hurry! Sale ends at midnight January 1st!


Mental System Book + DVD! Sharpen your mental game using this powerful combo pack. Special holiday price


This 11 hour collection will jump start anyone's pool game!! Available now at a new low price!

Three popular DVDs - one low price! Diamond Systems for 8-Ball and 9-Ball, 12 Instructional Videos, and Mental System.

20% off


This audio course is a follow-up to the popular book The Mental System for Pool Players written by player and coach Tor Lowry.


pool lessons for beginners

Just starting pool? We have instruction materials to help get you started!

pool lessons

Average player? No problem! We have several materials designed to jump start your game!

pool lessons advanced tips

Above average player? Advanced materials will skyrocket your game!

"I ordered 4 years ago. Long story short, 4 time state 8 ball champion." ~ Mario W.

"Best Videos I've Seen! ​​​I know one thing is for sure these instructional videos are the best I have ever seen by a long shot." ~ Kevin P.



12 Instructional Videos

In this Six Hour collection (DVD or digital download)  Tor covers several topics:

  • Position Principles

  • Find Your Skill Level

  • Drive to Rail

  • Coin Trick

  • Breaking Tips

  • 8 Ball Drills

  • Stun Drills

  • Recovery Shots

  • Center Ball Run Outs

  • Stroke Mechanics

  • Safeties

  • Draw Drills

Includes two bonus videos: 8-Ball Timed Drills and Ball Pocketing Drills


Includes six ebooks: Position Principles, Recovery Shots, Safeties, Stun Drills, Ball Pocketing Drills, 8-Ball Timed Drills


"In this book lot of patterns for 8 ball and I did them all before going to the World Pool series. My 8 ball game was not so good but it helped me a lot in New York to run tables what I could not do before!

~ Phaa H. - Professional Woman Player

This beautiful, full-color book contains over 200 8-Ball and 9-Ball Puzzles! Bonus puzzles include Last Pocket 8-Ball and 9-Ball defensive patterns. 

Each pattern has been carefully reproduced on a pool table with stickers marking the location of every object ball. The pattern was then analyzed and the best pattern for a runout was determined.


This book will absolutely supercharge your 8-Ball and 9-Ball game!

Pool Instruction - Pattern Play DVD, pool lessons

This five-hour pool instruction video uses hundreds of examples to explain cue ball control along with 8-Ball and 9-Ball pattern play. This video is also jam-packed with specialty shots designed to get you out of trouble!


Secrets 3: Pattern Play covers the same training that participants in the 14 Day Experiment go through. Everything from stance and stroke drills to center ball positioning, and full table runouts with sidespin are covered. All the information you need to reach that next level in pool!  


Available as DVDs or digital downloads. 

"I watched the full video and it is awesome! I want to add this video to the Lindenwood's billiards video collection so that all of my teammates could see it!

~ K. Prm


“Thank you so much sir, I have never feel this good about improving my game until now. I have never seen anything like these videos."

~ Wayne H

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