In this video Tor goes through 70 9-Ball patterns. He starts with three balls then works his way up to six balls. The viewer will have to determine the best way to run the balls in order before the timer runs out. This video comes with an eBook which shows ball locations along with the timecode as to when the pattern appears in the video.

Total time: 1:38

After payment you will be sent to a page where you can download the video and eBook. Note: this will be a zip file.


This is an extraordinary gem of a pool training guide. Such well chosen content, carefully organized, cleanly edited, beautifully shot. I've been playing pool at a high level for a while but I still got something out of this. Thanks! Gman21

Wow thank you. I cant imagine how long it took to plan out this video. World class.

RC Modz

70 9-Ball Patterns! Digital Download + eBook!



    Great job of explaining in a common sense, straight-talk way, "the mysteries" otherwise known as pool. ~ D. Gibbons 


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