Welcome to this life-changing audio program that will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible in your pursuit of reaching higher skill levels in pool. This audio course is a follow-up to the popular book The Mental System for Pool Players written by player and coach Tor Lowry.


This audio course is unique because it was designed specifically for pool players. It is also unique because it uses three different mental tools together: meditation, visualization, and hypnosis. You may have seen other programs or read books that discuss these tools, but they typically only focus on one of these tools at a time. This audio course is special because it implements all three tools into a coherent program which will give you a more comprehensive and powerful approach to mastering your mental game. Created by professional hypnotherapist Edward Spurlock, C.C.H.



1. Opening Comments by Tor Lowry

2. Introduction

3. Meditation

4. Breath Awareness Meditation

5. Progressive Relaxation Meditation

6. Visualization

7. Winning a Tournament Visualization

8. Pre-Shot Routine Visualization

9. Controlling Cue Ball Speed Visualization

10. Hypnosis

11. Traits and Habits of a Pool Professional

12. Mastering the Pre-Shot Routine / Mental Trigger

13. Conclusion


Audio program comes with a FREE 40-page workbook (eBook). This workbook is the text version of the audio course. It also includes log sheets to track your progress and instructions on how to create your own personalized sessions.

Mental System Audio Program

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    Great job of explaining in a common sense, straight-talk way, "the mysteries" otherwise known as pool. ~ D. Gibbons 


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