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Efren's Stroke + Shot-by-Shot with SVB Digital Downloads


These videos are digital downloads (not DVDs). They will be emailed after payment.

Efren's Stroke: In this video, we're going to examine Efren's stroke, how he's able to make the game seem effortless, and how you can use this information to help make your own pool game less of an effort. We're also going to examine Efren's unusual aiming technique that he uses on every single shot. it's a great technique and once you have it down it will really help you on those long difficult shots. 

i'm also going to talk about automatic aiming. I'll give a demonstration of automatic aiming by running out a rack of 9-Ball even though I'm not using my cue stick for aiming. I'll explain what automatic aiming is and how many pool players, without realizing it,  are capable of this powerful skill. 


I'll then show you a simple, but powerful technique you can use to avoid losing concentaration when you're dwon on the table. 


In the second video we have a Shot-by-Shot video featuring SVB. Every shot explained in detail so you have a full understanding of how Shane performs pattern play.

Efren's Stroke+ Shot-by-Shot with SVB Digital Downloads

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