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"If you're looking to learn pool these are the videos to purchase!" ~ Mike Massey - 18 time world trick shot champion

"If reaching that higher level is what you want to accomplish... you’d be hard pressed to find a better resource than P.K.F."

AZBilliards Book Review - Skip Maloney

How to Play Pool Instruction

Scroll to view our large selection of videos and books for players of all skill levels! Over 30,000 videos sold and counting!


The entire Zero-X collection (45 Hours!) is available as a download or as a DVD collection 45 VIDEOS + 17 eBooks!! Use code: zerox20

Tor has created a list of videos to watch in order to really supercharge your game!!  Click here to view list

secrets of pool billiards 3

secrets 3: pattern play

This is our most popular video with tens of thousands sold. Great for beginners all the way to advanced players!

Center Ball Training for Pool


The quickest way to improve your cue ball control is through center ball training! Includes 9 videos + 5 eBooks!

Diamond Systems for Pool

diamond systems: 8-ball 9-ball

Learn the Diamond System the easy and fun way!! Includes special Guest Mike Massey who shares his own systems!

Efren Reyes Stroke


What can we learn from Efren's stroke? A lot!! Plus a bonus video: Shot-by-Shot featuring Shane Van Boening!

Wondering what videos would be best for your skill level? Tor has created a complete list of videos in the order he thinks would be best. Click here to view list

Diamond Systems Mental System for Pool Players 12 Pool Instructional Videos


Three Great Videos! One Low price!

This video collection is available as a DVD set or as instant digital downloads. Over 9 hours of instruction that will SUPERCHARGE your game!

Pool Training Book


We've teamed up with a thrid-party company to bring you this incredible book at a low price.

12 Pool Instruction Videos

12 instructional videos

12 pool instruction videos all designed to get you to that next level!! Includes BONUS VIDEO + 3 eBooks!!

Efren Reyes Run Outs

EFREN REYES shot-by-shot series

In these videos Tor analyzes run outs by Efren Reyes and explains each shot in detail!  Bonus: Mosconi Cup Shot-by-Shot Video!

45 Hours Pool Instruction



Digital Downloads

The entire video collection is now on sale!! 45 Digital Downloads or 11 DVDs. Take your game to that next level with the complete Zero-X library!



Tor Lowry is considered one of the top pool instructors in the world. Creator of Zero-X Billiards, Tor's expertise in pool is in high demand as his classes are currently booked through 2024. Tor has poured a lifetime of knowledge about this great sport into his video/book collection which will help any player reach their highest level!

100 8-Ball Run Outs

100 8-Ball Patterns

In this video Tor goes through 100 8-Ball patterns explaining each run out in detail. A great instructional video that will help you run more tables!

107 8-Ball Run Outs

107 8-Ball Patterns Vol. 2

In this follow-up to the original 100 8-Ball Patterns, Tor goes through 107 8-Ball run outs explaining each run out in detail. Bonus! 5-Ball patterns video + eBook!

Mike Massey 50 Skill Shots


These aren't trick shots - these are shots that every serious player needs to know to reach a high level in pool!  Bonus: 19 Shots Every Player Needs to Know!

Pool Kicking Banking


In this video Tor explains an easier way to bank in pool that will work on any size table. Tor then explains the Diamond System then goes through the finer points of pool in Secrets 2.

Shane Boening Kick Safe

kick safe: SVB vs. bustamante

In this winner-take-all money match, the game is Kick Safe. The goal: hide the one ball from your opponent! This video is jam-packed with Incredible kicks and safeties!!  BONUS! Corey Deuel vs Mike Massey Kicksafe match! + bonus eBook!!

Challenge Series Pool Videos


9 videos + 4 eBooks!!

Videos cover 8-Ball and 9-Ball - try to guess the run out for each pattern!

Pool Mental System

Mental system for pool players



Digital Download

Create a powerful mental game when playing pool! Gain that winning edge that for most players is hard to obtain - pure focus and attention when down on the table!

Click below to view our entire pool instruction catalog

“Thank you so much sir, I have never feel this good about improving my game until now. I have never seen anything like these videos."

~ Wayne H

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