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  • Center Ball Training

  • Efren Reyes Stroke / SVB Shot-By-Shot

  • Efren Reyes / Mosconi Cup Shot-By-Shot

  • 12 Instructional Videos

  • Challenge Series

  • 100 8-Ball Patterns

  • 107 8-Ball Patterns

  • Mental System

  • Diamond System

  • Secrets 3: Pattern Play 

  • Zero-X Kicking / Banking

  • Mike Massey's 50 Shots

  • Kick Safe SVB vs. Bustamante 

  • Bonus! Secrets IV: Chapter 8 - Controlling the Cue Ball

  • PKF Book Instant Download

  • Pattern Puzzles Book Instant Download



Three Great Videos! One Low price!

This video collection is available as a DVD set or as instant digital downloads. Over 9 hours of instruction that will SUPERCHARGE your game!


Kick Safe: SVB vs. Bustamante

Kick Safe is a defensive game where every shot is a safety or kick shot! The goal of the game is simple: hide the one ball from the opponent. Sounds simple, but when two of the best players of all time (Shane Van Boening and Francisco Bustamante) go head to head, what follows are some of the most creative and spectacular kick shots and safeties ever recorded on video.

BONUS VIDEO: Kick Safe match between Mike Massey and Corey Deuel!!

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