Tor Lowry of Zero-X Billiards will analyze a 15-20 minute video of the player playing pool and will create a detailed report on how the player can improve their game. Tor will also call to discuss these issues. 

After purchase the customer will receive the online training flyer (above). If this is a gift please email us at and let us know the name of the player. The customer will also receive instructions as to how to proceed with the online pool instruction. Online training is 50% off for a limited time: $99.95

The Zero-X Training is similar to the pool training used at top pool training academies in China and across Europe. This is highly intensive training that breaks down a player's pool game then quickly rebuilds it. Every training session is customized to each player's needs.

Tor Lowry's, '14 Days - The Great Pool Experiment' has become a popular web reality series which just completed its 5th season! Each season, Tor selects his participants from applications and requests for participation received from all over the world.  No matter where a participant is located, if they are selected to be a participant, Tor travels to them at his own expense to train them using his unique methods for up to 14 Days!  


If you are interested in participating please send your information to



Great job of explaining in a common sense, straight-talk way, "the mysteries" otherwise known as pool. ~ D. Gibbons 


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