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This beautiful paperback edition of the "Mental System for Pool Players" takes the mental game theories of several books: The Inner Game of Tennis, Think Like Tiger, The Art of Mental Training - A Guide to Performance Excellence, With Winning in Mind and combines them with Tor's own theories regarding pool - the result is a powerful Mental System that any pool player can use regardless of their skill level.


Tor combines theories of the mental game from several of the most popular books on the market with his own theories - the result is a mental system any pool player can start using right away.

For years pool players have been told to read The Inner Game of Tennis to improve their mental game. The issue has always been how does a player implement the ideas in this book into a workable system that they can use in their pool game. In this new book, Mental System for Pool Players, Tor has combined the teachings of four of the top mental system books with his own theories on pool to create a system that any pool player can use to strengthen their mental game. The result is a system that any pool player can start using right away to improve their game.


One issue many pool players suffer from is the presence of mental demons when placed in pressure situations. This is an inner dialogue that tends to sabotage the player's game. Mental System for Pool Players creates a system designed to combat these demons when they surface allowing the player to play at their peak level. 

18 Chapters:

1. Introduction to The Mental System for Pool Players 

2. The Conscious and Subconscious Minds

3. Visualizing Your Way to Success

4. Trusting Your Subconscious Skill

5. Your Pre-Shot Routine

6. Maintaining Concentration

7. Fine-Tuning Your Aim

8. Visualizing Game Situations

9. Controlling Cue Ball Speed

10. Visualization Drills

11. For Experienced Players

12. For Beginning Players

13. Muscle Memory

14. Overcoming Negativity

15. Being Your Own Coach

16. Eliminating the Fear of Being Judged

17. Overcoming Slumps

18. How to Master the Mental System


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