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It's finally here! Weighing in at over two pounds, this beautiful full-color book covers all aspects of pool! 


Topics covered are fundamentals, the mental game, position play, diamond systems, 8-Ball strategies, 9-Ball strategies, plus much, much more! This is the companion book to the 5-hour Pattern Play videos collection. Everything you love about this best-selling instructional video is now in book form! 


This outstanding book covers the fundamentals of pattern play all the way to advanced pattern play for 8-Ball and 9-Ball. Using hundreds of full-color images, learning how to control the cue ball has never been easier! 


All of the more popular kicking systems are described in detail! For many players, learning diamond systems is a confusing process- and we all know that confusion in learning can sometimes result in a player giving up. P.K.F. makes learning the diamond systems fun, with actual layouts from 8-Ball and 9-Ball games! In no time at all you'll be kicking your way out of safeties and winning more games!


Learning how to play great pool starts with strong fundamentals. P.K.F. covers stance, approach, aiming and drills for perfecting your stroke. Once you have a solid stroke you need to learn the fundamentals of cue ball control. You'll learn everything from tangent lines, to sliding the cue ball, side-spin, rolling cue balls, and much more. Every aspect of Tor Lowry's '14 Days - The Great Pool Experiment' training is covered in this book- including advanced full-table pattern play! 


And, as a bonus, P.K.F. introduces Tor's BRAND NEW kicking system from an upcoming video release we've not even told you about, called 'Kicking on a Diamond!' This will be exciting for all the league and tournament players who've urged Tor to create a kicking system specifically for the Professional Blue Series Diamond Pool Tables! DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS, Last but not least, this book also contains a few of the exciting shots from the upcoming Zero-X Billiards release featuring Mike Massey, '50 Shots Every Serious Pool Player Needs to Know,' and much, much more!


This book is jam-packed with all the information you need to reach your goals! Hurry and get yours from this first run at the introductory price of only $39.95!


As with all Zero-X products items are shipped the same day or early the next business day!


SKU: PKF101316
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