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How to Play Pool


Dive into the world of playing better pool with Zero-X Billiards' acclaimed instruction videos. Crafted meticulously by Tor Lowry, our tutorials are more than just lessons; they're a transformative experience for enthusiasts at every skill level. Thousands have already elevated their game, tapping into techniques and insights that are often reserved for the pros. Our videos have not only garnered widespread popularity but have also become a staple for those serious about mastering the art of pool. Don't just take our word for it—experience the magic firsthand. Click on the 'Videos' button now and embark on a journey to pool excellence.

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How to Play Pool Book


Unlock the secrets of elite pool play with Zero-X Billiards' comprehensive instruction books. Penned by Tor Lowry, each page is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering readers a deep dive into the nuances of the pool game. Our books have been hailed as essential reading, guiding countless enthusiasts from the basics to the intricate strategies of pool mastery. They stand as a testament to our commitment to quality and the passion we share with our readers. If you're ready to transform your understanding and approach to pool, browse our 'Books' section today and discover the tools to elevate your game.

Tor Lowry


Tor Lowry is considered one of the top pool instructors in the world. Creator of Zero-X Billiards, Tor's expertise in pool is in high demand as his classes are currently booked through 2024. Tor has poured a lifetime of knowledge about this great sport into his video/book collection which will help any player reach their highest level!

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