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Good Job!

​Your videos are the first that I have seen that explain the diamond system where it's understandable. I've read articles about the various diamond systems and my question has always been "how do you know it's at 36 when the ball is in the middle of the table?" Your explanation makes it clear. Good job! I've already used it in APA league play. Made a couple of banks that I would have been guessing at in the past.

Friday night I was coaching a teammate. The cue ball was at about 32. His object ball was at around 42 or 43 behind his opponent's ball. I calculated 32 + 43 to get at 37.5. Showed him where to hit the rail. He shot it with slow speed, hit his ball and played a safe on his opponent! 
~ Chris T.

Best Videos I've Seen!

​​​I know one thing is for sure these instructional videos are the best I have ever seen by a long shot. What sets them apart are how things are broken down for the player on all skill levels wether an amateur or a professional or in between, there is something to be learned from these videos to improve the game. The cue ball up in the top of the screen on where and what type of English to use and the power to imply to the cue ball is a very big help as well. What else can I say but you NAILED it and if someone who purchase these DVDS can't improve their game on the table with this set then I don't think they ever will! Tor you really have an amazing instructional video collection here and I hope you take this big in the pool community and start to sell this in all the major billiard catalogs and billiard pro shops.......You my friend have an awesome thing going here and I want to thank you very much!!
~ Kevin P.

You've Made it Simple!

​Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent videos! I’ve learned a lot from your Kicking video and I’m still studying it. I just ordered your Banking video so I’ll be studying and practicing that one next. You have made this so much simpler for me to know where in the heck to hit the rail and know where the ball will end up. I’m pumped!!! I haven’t played pool in 25 years and just got my own pool table and can play anytime now and feel like I know what I’m doing!!!! Thanks for making these training videos for people like me knowing with some practice we can play like the pros do. Thanks again for your contribution to my pool playing with excellent teachings through your videos. Keep me posted if you make any more videos I’ll be the first to put your teachings to work. Thanks Again for everything you're AWESOME!!!
~Donald L.

I Was so Jazzed!

​I am in an APA league and last Thursday night I was able to kick out of all the safeties my opponent presented. In fact, several times I was not only able to hit the ball I was kicking at but also pocketed it. I was so jazzed!
~ Arthur A.

Everything You Taught Worked!

​Tor, I watched your videos about 4 times, I went to the club and tried the banks and kicks. WOW, everything you taught on your video really works. I love to bank and kick. Your method is so easy to follow. I would appreciate if you make some new ones, if you would email me and let me know.
~ Oran

Your Lessons Are Great!

​Your lessons are great! I've just started watching the videos and my game is better already. Best pool instruction material I've ever found.
~Pedro S.

Would Have Paid 4-5 Times the Amount!
Just finished watching the whole production. Very, very, very, informative!!! I've been using several different systems to get on balls, mainly the parallel shift. But, the diamond system is something I've always wanted to master, the way he explained it was very straight forward and easy to understand. Now I've just got to learn the formula's and a lot the 2 & 3 rail kicks will start to become more routine. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to learn kicking. The Secrets Video is awesome as well haven't finished it completely yet. And, the next nugget is that he's including his Banking Video which is in production free to the 1st. 200 orders if I'm not mistaken. Can't say enough, $8.99 well spent would have paid 4 -5 times this amount for everything he's giving.
~ Forum User

Wow! Thanks!

​Just I bought your banking video and all I can say is WOW. I spent maybe 30 minutes practicing my banks using your techniques and I was astonished how many banks I was making!! Even the hardest bank shots (one's I would never attempt before) I'm making now. Even if I miss, it's only off by a small margin usually from too much english or me hitting the wrong spot. Anyways, I just wanted to say THANKS!! That was the best $9 I ever spent!! Keep doing what your doing! Looking forward to mastering my banking then on to your kicking video... keep em coming!!! May just get past this plateau I've seemed to hit recently!! :-)"

~ Matt B.

Wish I'd Seen These 45 Years Ago!

​​Wish I'd Seen These 45 Years Ago!
​I wanted to thank you for the Zero-X kicking system and the Advance Pool Lessons videos. They are simply the best vidoes that I have seen since Bob Byrnes' instructional tapes! You have a real talent for making complicated aspects of pool easy to understand. I certainly would recommend your videos to any player of any age or ability. I personally wish I could have seen it 45 years ago when I was just starting out. The animations you feature were also top notch. I can't wait for your banking video and want to tell you how much I appreciate the time and hard work you have put into these. I'll do my best to spread the word about these to my friends and the people I play with. Thanks again!
~ Larry M.

I Can't Believe the Price!

The link to your site was posted on AZ Billiards last night. I bought the video and am totally amazed at the ease of the Diamond system that you use. Some Diamond systems lose you quickly if you don't have an engineering degree. I can't believe the price either. If a person just takes one good tip away from your video, then it is paid for 10 times over. I have been explaining it to people and pushing it hard on AZ. Christmas just came a day early at my house.
~ Terry Ashton

I Never Knew that Before!

​One part in the Kicking video that I previously didn't know. It's easy to do the cross banks and find the corner pocket. But what happens when the object ball is further up on the short rail. I was always just guessing. I had a pretty good % due to shot memory but I just hit the ball and my % of pocketing the ball was low. This video shows you the exact math in order to pocket the ball. I never knew that before. It's a shot that comes up just about every game you play. That alone just made the video worth the $9.
~Forum User

I am Going to be Dangerous!

I Am Going To Be Dangerous!
​I've been playing intuitive stroke centered pool for 40 years, picking up tips and lessons along the way, reading a few books and feeling like I knew what I was doing. I stumbled onto your YouTube video and was shocked. You explained, in the most precise "pool player" centric way, what has been happening, the best way to think, and then execute. I just bought your video and will study it, and I have a feeling that after I digest your way of thinking I am going to be very dangerous. Just think... a lifetime of feel and now the knowledge to back it up.. Damn. Thank you.
~ Vincent

Very Affordable!

​Hey Tor, the kicking videos were awesome! They were very similiar to the systems I use except yours are simple and are quick especially the one rail, I use alot of tuzul and billiard atlas stuff. This was definitely neat and will be a new addition to my game. I appreciate you making it a very affordable price for everyone giving people a fair chance to learn your great work. Thanks again can't wait to see what ya got in store for banks. Wish ya the best of luck Tor!!
~ Ryan Williams

Common Sense Straight Talk!

​"I get it!"... and if I can get it, the world can as well. Great job of explaining in a common sense, straight talk way "The Mysteries" otherwise known as Pool.
~ D. Gibbons 

Nothing Short of Amazing!

​This is absolutely the BEST Instructional Video Presentation I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of them. Your straight forward way of totally explaining the DIAMOND SYSTEM is nothing short of AMAZING. 
~ George S.

Nothing Short of Amazing!

​This is absolutely the BEST Instructional Video Presentation I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of them. Your straight forward way of totally explaining the DIAMOND SYSTEM is nothing short of AMAZING. 
~ George S.

Fantastic Methods!

​Your instuction methods I have viewed have helped me understand more than all the books and private lessons I have invested time and money in. Thank you for providing a generous sample of your fantastic methods.
~ C. Gartland

Youtube Pool Video of the Century!!
I am one extremely happy and very satisfied customer. Thanks for your link to your free 80 minute Advanced Pool Lessons - the BIGGEST SECRETS REVEALED video. What's interesting is, I actually have watched it first (accidentally found it in Youtube) and that's why I purchased your Zero-X Kicking System. Yes, I have watched it, glued on my PC, straight for 80 mins at 3:00 in the morning of Dec 21. I just could not believe my eyes when I saw your free video that someone would actually put out such lengthy valuable information on a variety of subjects (great tips) about Pool... just unbelievable free info. I value your free video so much because I have spent so much time on YouTube, having seen all sorts of clips relating to pool, and have never seen one as detailed, long and as revealing as yours for FREE, just amazing. I started self-learning how to play pool at age 45. I'm now 50. Nobody taught me how to play pool the right way. I have spent over 4000 hours watching YouTube clips these past 5 years, and up until now still searching for good clips, hoping to get some little tips that might help improve my game. My biggest mentor was Youtube. I think I may have just found the Youtube pool clip of the century, your video! 
~ Howard H.

Seriously Best in Class!!​​
Just watched the free Secrets video, and HAPPILY plunked down $8.99 for the Kicking video download. Can you imagine if every instructor/top player could convey information as elegantly and efficiently as Tor Lowry? The Secrets video is seriously best-in-class – every beginner should watch it. I also give Tor kudos for having a top-notch video rental/purchase system, with very reasonable prices. If every aiming system instructor would have a similar impulse-buy download system, they'd probably triple their revenue.
~ Forum User

True Genius!

​​​Thank you so much sir, I have never felt this good about improving my game until now. I have never seen anything like these videos...You are a true genius.
~ Wayne H.

Very Easy to Follow!

​I just finished watching your kicking system video and I have to agree with other testimonials, best $8.99 I've spent in quiet awhile! Very easy to follow. I can't wait to get on a table and try out what I've learned!
~ Scott S.

Watching & Practicing!

​​I just bought myself a Christmas present. I've only watched about 5 minutes of it, but it looks like I'll have myself a Merry Little Christmas day watching and practicing.
~ Joe P.

Great Product!!
This is a great product. I purchased the cue ball.control and banks dvds 2 years ago and I can say with this I stepped up my game and became a state champion. 2 years before this all I could say is a wish I could shoot that well. Thank you again.
~ John S.

I Can't Thank You Enough!!
I found you on YouTube, and after the first time watching your videos,  I had APA league night, my break improved, my shot making improved, and Que ball control was over-the-top!! I can’t thank you enough!! I haven’t had a break and run in league night in over a year!!!! And this past Tuesday,  I shot lights out, over the top!, My girlfriend even said what happened to you?!!!  Simple fundamentals and your cue ball control techniques are hands-down the best I’ve ever learned from.easy to understand, easy to follow and pleasant to listen to!
~ Bob

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