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Over 150 minutes - Includes Commentary - Hundreds of Defensive Shots

"If you are looking to improve your defensive game, this incredible video is a highlight reel of almost every type of safety you'll come across. An instructive video you'll want to watch over and over again!"

- Beau Runningen OTW Creative Media

Kick Safe is a defensive game where every shot is a safety or kick shot! The goal of the game is simple: hide the one ball from the opponent. Sounds simple, but when two of the best players of all time (Shane Van Boening and Francisco Bustamante) go head to head, what follows are some of the most creative and spectacular kick shots and safeties ever recorded on video.


Since jump shots are not allowed, the players' kicking skills are put to the test. This video is jam-packed with over 150 minutes of almost every type of safety and kick shot imaginable! An invaluable video that will super-charge anyone's defensive game!

DVD only 11.95

158 Minutes

Includes Commentary

Hundreds of defensive shots!

Digital Download only 8.95

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"What this video is used for is for you to see and create new ideas and add to your repertoire of tighter safeties; and also, you can just keep rewinding and go back and forth and watch how these guys actually execute each shot."

- OTW Creative Media

1, 2, 3, and 4 rail kick shots!

Hundreds of defensive shots!

Spectacular safeties!