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100 8-Ball Run Outs with Shot-by-Shot Breakdown
155 MINUTES Digital Downloads


In this video, we're going to go through 100 8-Ball patterns. We'll first show you the pattern then you can pause the video to examine the layout and find the best run out - then Tor will run out the pattern explaining each shot.  With each pattern we're going to show you how to find balls that connect with each other along with how to create a flow to your ball pocketing so you can run more balls when playing 8-Ball.


Each run out will have spin and speed indicators for each shot. We'll also have 8-Ball run outs by World Champion Mike Massey. This video also includes a bonus section on 8-Ball Strategy and Tips!


Bonus Item! Free eBook with 100 patterns, video timecode, and clue to each run out.

Guest Appearance: Mike Massey

100 8-Ball Run Outs

Shot-by-shot Breakdown

Problem Balls Identified

Connected Balls Identified

Speed Shown for Each Shot

Spin Shown for Each Shot

8-Ball Strategy & Tips

Last Pocket Patterns

155 Minutes

100 8-Ball Patterns Vol. 1 with Shot-by-Shot Breakdown and Bonus eBook

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