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Six Hours and 44 MINUTES - Includes Two Bonus Videos! / 2 DVD Set
In this very popular DVD release, Tor covers several aspects of pool to take your game to that next level. Here are  the videos in this collection:


  • Position Principles
  • Skill Level
  • Drive to Rail
  • Coin Trick
  • Breaking Tips
  • 36 Ball Pocketing Drills
  • 8 Ball Drills
  • Stun Drills
  • Recovery Shots
  • Center Ball runouts
  • Stroke Mechanics
  • Safeties
  • Draw Drills
  • 8-Ball Timed Drills


Includes Three ebooks!

  • Position Principles
  • 60 Recovery Shots
  • 27 Bridges


eBooks contain ball set-up positions for the drills and patterns depicted in the video. eBooks are full color - showing cue ball spin, speed and pocket location. Each eBook will be emailed upon purchase.

12 Instructional Videos - 2 DVD Set

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