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Six Hours and 44 MINUTES - Includes Two Bonus Videos!
In this new video release Tor covers several aspects of pool to take your game to that next level. Here are  the videos in this collection:

  • Position Principles
  • Skill Level
  • Drive to Rail
  • Coin Trick
  • Breaking Tips
  • 36 Ball Pocketing Drills
  • 8 Ball Drills
  • Stun Drills
  • Recovery Shots
  • Center Ball runouts
  • Stroke Mechanics
  • Safeties
  • Draw Drills
  • 8-Ball Timed Drills


Includes Three ebooks!

  • Position Principles
  • 60 Recovery Shots
  • 27 Bridges


Ebooks contain ball setup positions for the drills and patterns depicted in the video. Ebooks are full color showing cue ball spin, speed and pocket location. Each ebook will be emailed upon purchase.

12 Instructional Videos - Digital Download

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