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In this video, we're going to go through hundreds of timed challenges in 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball.  With each pattern you'll have a limited amount of time to discover the run out. Then, Tor will explain the run out in detail as he runs out the pattern. Each video comes with strategies and tips that are sure to take your ability to run more balls to a higher level!


Includes four bonus eBooks!

  1. 8-Ball Patterns
  2. 9-Ball Patterns
  3. 100 Defensive Patterns
  4. 27 Professional Bridges

Bonus item! This video collection comes with the 9-Ball Timed Challenges for free. This video was previously sold as a standalone product. This video now includes a speed meter for each shot - a powerful video that will change how you look at patterns!


Over seven hours of instruction!


This video series also includes 100 timed defensive shots in 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball. You'll first be shown the situation then you'll have a limited amount of time to find the best defensive shot. Then Tor will perform the defensive shot with a full explanation.  As with all of Zero-X instructional videos, this series comes with several great bonus videos! See the full list of videos below:

Video List:

  • 8-Ball Timed Drills

  • 9-Ball Timed Drills

  • 10-Ball Timed Drills

  • 100 Timed Defensive Shots

  • 27 Bridges Video / eBook

  • Shot-by-Shot Ko Ping-Chung

  • Shot-by-Shot Ko Ping-Yi

  • Shot-by-Shot Chang Jung-lin

  • Drills for Leagues and Tournaments

  • Principles of Position Play

  • Stun or Roll Challenge

Challenge Series DVD Set + Bonus eBooks!

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