These aren't trick shots - these are shots that are designed to get you out of trouble; shots you may not have known even existed. For instance, did you know that you can create an angle on a shot even when you're straight in on the object ball? Or that jumping balls when the cue ball is in the middle of the table is much easier than you think?

Did you know that you can draw the cue ball several feet even when the cue ball is almost touching the object ball? In this video, Mike demonstrates how to change the tangent line on cut shots to force the cue ball into position areas you didn't think were possible! These are all shots that Mike has used in tournament competition and now he's revealing his awesome arsenal of shots in this exciting new video!

For every shot included in Mike's video, you are shown stick elevation, where to hit on the ball, and how much of the ball to hit - in a graphic at the bottom of the screen.


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"I've shown some of these shots to the best players in the world and they didn't know the shot!" ~ Mike Massey

Mike Massey's '50 Shots' - DVD

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    Great job of explaining in a common sense, straight-talk way, "the mysteries" otherwise known as pool. ~ D. Gibbons 


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