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Zero-X Kicking -  This best-selling video (over 20,000 downloads) simplifies the diamond systems so anyone can understand them regardless of skill level. Using a multitude of examples and number graphics, learning diamond systems has never been so easy! 

  • One rail kicks
  • Short rail to long rail kicks
  • Long rail to short rail kicks
  • Long rail kicks
  • Two rail kicks #1
  • Two rail kicks #2
  • Position play using diamonds
  • Safety play using diamonds


Zero-X Banking and Pool's Biggest Secrets Revealed 2 are also included in the six hour collection. Zero-X Banking is a 70 minute instructional video which  uses an easy to learn system for banking. Number graphics, spin and speed indicators make learning this banking system a breeze. Also included is a great banking drill that will take your banking to new heights!

Secrets 2 is a 173 minute video that's jam-packed with 8-Ball and 9-Ball strategies.  This popular video covers all aspects of pool and includes a number of specialty shots. Some of the topics covered are fundamentals, breaking, ball pocketing, position drills, 8-Ball strategies, 9-Ball strategies, defensive strategies, specialty shots, and much, much more!


Included with the purchase is the ball pocketing ebook and ball pocketing video. This ebook incorporates drills using typical 8-Ball and 9-Ball shots. These drills are also covered in Secrets 3: Pattern Play. The ebook will be emailed after payment.


As with all Zero-X products items are shipped the same day or early the next business day!

Kicking / Banking / Secrets 2

$39.95 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
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