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5 hours 40 Minutes!! 12 instructional videos on two DVDs or as digital downloads. Includes 3 ebooks!

12 Pool Instructional Videos
12 Pool Instructional Videos

8-Ball Drills and Strategies

12 Pool Instructional Videos

Break Drills to Improve Control and Speed

12 Pool Instructional Videos

Ball Pocketing Drills

12 Pool Instructional Videos

20 Principles of Position Play

Full list of instructional videos + 3 ebooks

  • Position Principles

  • Find Your Skill Level

  • Drive to Rail

  • Coin Trick

  • Breaking Tips

  • 8 Ball Strategies

  • 27 Bridges

  • 60 Recovery Shots

  • Professional Principles

  • Stroke Mechanics

  • Safeties

  • Draw Drills

+ Top Ten Recovery Shots Video!!

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, these videos will help you reach that next level in pool at an accelerated rate. Did you know there are 27 bridges in Pool? Or that there are recovery shots that even advanced players don't know about?  Speed up the learning process and grab this collection today!

Includes 3 eBooks!

12 Pool Instructional Videos
  • Position Principles

  • Recovery Shots

  • 27 Bridges

Learning has never been easier! View these eBooks on any mobile device or computer. Position Principles eBook covers all the principles of position covered in the video. The 27 Bridges eBook covers all the bridges you need to know to reach a high level! The Recovery Shots eBook shows every shot in detail along with a description!

12 Pool Instructional Videos

2 DVD Set  29.95!

12 Pool Instructional Videos


12 Pool Instructional Videos

DVDs ship the same day or early the next business day! eBooks emailed after payment.


Videos / eBooks emailed after payment

Domestic shipping only on DVDs.

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