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"Amazing deal. almost too cheap for the knowledge you get from this. Most pros don't and can't do some of these shots. The most amazing shots I've seen with my own eyes, seriously jaw dropping shots that every advanced,novice, pro should buy." ~ Roger G.

"I love this dvd so much to learn, if you play a lot of pool this will help you win a lot more games!" ~ Donald C.

"LOVE this many PRACTICAL uses for these shots. By far the best idea for an instructional video, paired with fantastic production with Zero-X." ~ Bryan M.

"This DVD is killer I've owned it for about 2 weeks and have picked up on Two Shots already that have utilized in games for some wins." ~ Joe S.

Mike Massey's 50 Shots

50 Shots Every Serious Player Needs to Know

11 Chapters - 60 Variations - Bonus Shots - 95 Minutes

Bonus Video! 19 More Shots Every Serious Player Needs to Know!


Anyone who orders the 50 Shots video will also receive a free download: 19 More Shots Every Serious Player Needs to Know. This is a new video by Mike Massey demonstrating shots to help you win more games.

DVD Sale Price!  24.95!

Receive the digital download of '50 Shots' FREE with your DVD order!

Most DVDs ship the same day or early the next business day!

We are currently only shipping within the United States

'50 Shots' is also available as a download!



Digital download will be emailed after payment is received

"When you get in a jam, and we all do, there is a good chance that one of Mike's 50 Shots will enable you to continue your run. Highly recommended." ~ Phil Capelle - Pool Author


Chapter One -  Masse Shots

Chapter Two - Spin Shots

Chapter Three - Frozen Shots

Chapter Four - Changing the Path

Chapter Five - Double-Kiss Shots

Chapter Six - Using the Points

Chapter Seven - Jump Shots

Chapter Eight - One Pocket Shots

Chapter Nine - 90 Degree Cut Shots

Chapter Ten - Bank Shots

Chapter Eleven - Bonus Shots

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