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I am in an APA league and last Thursday night I was able to kick out of all the safeties my opponent presented. ~ Arthur A.

Great Job of explaining in a common sense, straight talk way "The Mysteries" otherwise known as Pool. ~ D. Gibbons 

 Your instuction methods I have viewed have helped me understand more than all the books and private lessons I have invested time and money in.  ~ C. Gartland

Tor, I watched your videos about 4 times, I went to the club and tried the banks and kicks. WOW, every thing you taught on your video really works! ~ Oran




Zero-X Kicking This best-selling video (over 20,000 downloads) simplifies the diamond systems so anyone can understand them regardless of skill level. Using a multitude of examples and number graphics, learning diamond systems has never been so easy! 

  • One rail kicks

  • Short rail to long rail kicks

  • Long rail to short rail kicks

  • Long rail kicks

  • Two rail kicks #1

  • Two rail kicks #2

  • Position play using diamonds

  • Safety play using diamonds

Zero-X Banking is a 70 minute instructional video which  uses an easy to learn system for banking. Number graphics, spin and speed indicators make learning this banking system a breeze. Also included is a great banking drill that will take your banking to new heights!

  • One Rail Banks

  • Cross Corner Banks

  • Danger Zones

  • Avoiding the Double-Kiss

  • Long Rail Banks

  • Banking Drlls

Pool's Biggest Secrets Revealed 2 is included as a free bonus video in the six hour collection!

This 171 minute video covers all aspects of pool including:

  • Fundamentals

  • Bridges

  • The Grip

  • Compact Stroke

  • Aiming

  • Addressing the Shot 

  • Jump Masse Shot

  • Jump on the Rail

  • Backstroke

  • Common Mistakes

  • The Stance

  • Stroke Drill

  • Automatic Aiming

  • Extreme Cut Shots

  • Sliding Cue Ball

  • Stop Shot

  • 90 Degree line

  • Impossible Bank Shot

  • Pro Side

  • Intentional Foul

  • 9-Ball Break

  • 9-Ball Drill

  • 8-Ball  Strategies

  • Breakouts  

  • Frozen on the Rail

  • 9-Ball Strategies

  • Spot on the Wall 

  • Advanced Position

  • Problem Areas

  • Opening Shots

  • Defense

  • Split the Difference 

  • Rail Shots

  • Safeties

Zero-X Pool Instruction

Zero-X Kicking, Banking, Secrets 2

DVD Set - $29.95

Zero-X Pool Instruction

Full 11 Hour Collection

Pattern Play +

Kicking / Banking / Secrets 2

Digital Downloads - 29.95

Zero-X Pool Instruction

Zero-X Kicking, Banking, Secrets 2

Digital Downloads - $19.95

Full Zero-X DVD Collection

Full 11 Hour Collection

Pattern Play +

Kicking / Banking / Secrets 2

DVD Set - $44.95 Sale!

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