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I am in an APA league and last Thursday night I was able to kick out of all the safeties my opponent presented. ~Arthur A.

Great Job of explaining in a common sense, straight talk way "The Mysteries" otherwise known as Pool. ~ D. Gibbons 

 Your instuction methods I have viewed have helped me understand more than all the books and private lessons I have invested time and money in.  ~ C. Gartland

Tor, I watched your videos about 4 times, I went to the club and tried the banks and kicks. WOW, every thing you taught on your video really works! ~ Oran

Thank you so much sir, I have never feel this good about improving my game until now. I have never seen anything like these videos...~ Wayne H

Pool Instruction FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS!


Whether you're a beginner or super-advanced player we have instructional products to suit your needs! Scroll through the products below to discover which videos are geared toward your specific skill level.


5 Hours

DVD or Digital Download


In this popular five hour video (DVD or Digital Download) Tor covers the fundamentals from the stroke to the stance. Most players improve instantly just by correcting a few common errors most beginners make.

Next, Tor covers mistakes most players make when pocketing balls. Tor also goes through several easy to perform drills that will transform your ability to pocket balls. Tor then goes through the fundamentals of position play. He'll first show how to control the cue ball around the table with no left or right spin. Then, he moves on to full table pattern play using side-spin, including reproducing actual 8-Ball and 9-Ball runouts from the top players in the world.  Includes a free eBook!



6 Hours and 44 MINUTES!

2 DVD Set or Digital Downloads

14 Videos


This exciting video set covers several topics: 

  • Position Principles

  • Find Your Skill Level

  • Drive to Rail

  • Coin Trick

  • Breaking Tips

  • 8-Ball Drills

  • Stun Drills

  • Recovery Shots

  • Center Ball Run Outs

  • Stroke Mechanics

  • Safeties

  • Draw Drills.

Plus: Two bonus videos and six eBooks!!



2 DVD set or digital downloads
10 Videos + 4 eBooks


This exciting video set covers several topics:

  • 8-Ball Timed Drills

  • 9-Ball Timed Drills

  • 10-Ball Timed Drills

  • 100 Timed Defensive Shots

  • 27 Bridges Video / eBook

  • Shot-by-Shot Ko Ping-Chung

  • Shot-by-Shot Ko Ping-Yi

  • Shot-by-Shot Chang Jung-lin

  • Drills for Leagues and Tournaments

  • Principles of Position Play

Plus: Bonus videos and eBooks!!



6 Hours DVDs or Digital Downloads


This is one of the most popular products Zero-X sells. This six hour collection contains three separate videos:

Zero-X Kicking: Tor goes through several diamond systems to help players become more accurate at kicking.

Zero-X Banking: Tor covers a simple, easy to use system for banking.

Secrets 2: This video covers the basics of fundamentals to help beginners and average players improve their stroke and ball pocketing. 



6 Hours DVD or Digital Download


This video takes the mental game theories of several books: The Inner Game of Tennis, Think Like Tiger, The Art of Mental Training - A Guide to Performance Excellence, With Winning in Mind and combines them with Tor's own theories regarding pool - the result is a powerful Mental System that any pool player can use regardless of their skill level.

Also available as a book.



135 Minutes DVD or Digital Download


In this new Zero-X release, Tor examines several diamond systems using hundreds of graphics along with 8-ball and 9-ball game situations.


1, 2, 3, and 4 rail diamond systems are examined in detail using numerous examples so you'll have a thorough understanding of how each system works, regardless of size, from bar tables to 10 footers.

World champion Mike Massey makes an appearance and demonstrates two incredible diamond systems he uses for 8-Ball and 9-Ball tournaments. These are powerful systems that require minimal math. We examine both systems in detail using graphics and real game situations. 


100 8-Ball Run-Outs

155 MINUTES / 2 DVD set or digital downloads


In this video, we're going to go through 100 8-Ball patterns. We'll first show you the pattern then you can pause the video to examine the layout and find the best run out - then Tor will run out the pattern explaining each shot.  With each pattern we're going to show you how to find balls that connect with each other along with how to create a flow to your ball pocketing so you can run more balls when playing 8-Ball.


Each run out will have spin and speed indicators for each shot. We'll also have 8-Ball run-outs by World Champion Mike Massey. This video also includes a bonus section on 8-Ball Strategy and Tips!



- 95 Minutes DVD or Digital Download


Kick Safe is a defensive game where every shot is a safety or kick shot! The goal of the game is simple: hide the one ball from the opponent. Sounds simple, but when two of the best players of all time (Shane Van Boening and Francisco Bustamante) go head to head, what follows are some of the most creative and spectacular kick shots and safeties ever recorded on video.

Since jump shots are not allowed, the players' kicking skills are put to the test. This video is jam-packed with over 150 minutes of almost every type of safety and kick shot imaginable! An invaluable video that will super-charge anyone's defensive game!


Mike Massey's 50 SHOTS

- 95 Minutes DVD or Digital Download

  • Masse Shots

  • Spin Shots

  •  Frozen Shots

  • Changing the Path

  • Double-Kiss Shots

  • Using the Points

  •  Jump Shots

  • One Pocket Shots

  • 90 Degree Cut Shots

  • Bank Shots

  • Bonus Shots

These aren't trick shots! These are shots designed to help you win more games! These are incredible shots Mike has learned through his 50 years of playing pool! This exciting video has 11 chapters:

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